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Specialists in Romanian and French payroll, FredPayroll & Rue de la Paye have been delivering high-quality payroll outsourcing services for almost 15 years now. Based in Vichy, Paris and Bucharest, our team of talented payroll managers and HR experts are currently serving more than 5000 companies in France and Romania.

Our company is thankful to be able to rely on a strong network of professionals in these markets and across Europe. Their support has been essential to our development. By exchanging information, know-how and other key resources for our rapidly changing business context, we first of all act as catalysts for each other’s businesses. Moreover, we also help each other stay on top of all the novelties in our field and ultimately offer the best possible services, tailored to our customers’ needs.

We are constantly striving to intensify this type of synergies by initiating and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with other European and international payroll outsourcers. Our strategic goal would be that of finding business allies with complementary expertise to ours and launch together into more ambitious payroll projects, responding to even more complex needs.  

With the hope of reaching other think-alike leaders, with a similar business partnership vision, let us expand a little on our own.


What we aim for?

We are especially looking forward to teaming up with other payroll outsourcers and respond to multi-national call for tenders together. Our proven expertise in French and Romanian payroll, combined with that of another payroll provider across other geographical areas will definitely result into a clear strategic and competitive advantage.

In addition to this, FredPayroll / Rue de la Paye’s objective is to engage with multiple stakeholders from different countries, who have common and/or compatible goals with ours. We are looking forward to developing cooperative models of partnership with other private, non-profit or governmental entities linked to or active within the accounting and payroll branch. As already mentioned, the overall purpose is that of enlarging an already existing professional network with additional collaborating partners, that may help provide a synergistic working relationship in terms of different capabilities (hard or soft), as  well as knowledge (embedded or specific).


How can we contribute?

There are of course no blueprints for building and maintaining fruitful partnerships, but we believe that integrity and generosity are good starting points for any long-term relationship. What we bring to the table in a partnership is therefore deeply rooted in our company values: a good sense of solidarity, mutuality and accountability, a commitment of time, leadership and resources and most importantly the willingness to learn and to share.

These are all important “ingredients” also to our organizational culture. FredPayroll / Rue de la Paye is first and foremost the sum of its people. We are open and friendly professionals, coming from different cultures and working effectively together through mutual trust and respect. We are always willing to help each other, to welcome new people and new ideas and ultimately bring a more human touch to our field.

Last but not least, it’s our strengths that represent us best:

  • we provide comprehensive payroll services and HR consultancy for our clients, we anticipate and customize intelligent solutions, compliant with local regulations and laws;
  • we are proud of being a 100% digital company, seizing the Internet’s capacity to provide a better flow of information through our simple, collaborative, ergonomic payroll web interface;
  • we have a dedicated French payroll school in Bucharest, whose role is to coach all our staff in facing the complexities of the payroll environment;
  • we are part of a strategic alliance with Pentalog, a major IT offshore outsourcing player and key facilitator in our efforts to keep continue innovating and revolutionizing the international payroll market.


If all this incited your interest, if you want to learn from other payroll actors, mentor them or work alongside them, strengthen your organization by increasing your business reach and gain greater profile in the international accounting and payroll community – all in all, if you too are looking forward to building a mutually rewarding business partnership and work together as a team, please give us a sign by filling in the fields below and we assure you will be hearing from us very soon.



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