Our Team

Payroll outsourcing specialists, FredPayroll and Rue de la Paye serve over 5000 companies from its 3 production sites: Vichy (head office), Paris and Bucharest.

The company is organized as follows:

  • Production team: over 60 experienced payroll specialists for French Payroll management
  • HR office : Human Resources experts and partners (lawyers, tax specialists etc.) to meet all HR needs
  • Declarative Service: to control the quality of social declarations
  • Setup Service: for creating online payroll records with personalized settings for each client
  • Customer service: which includes communication, marketing and sales
  • IT : a team of IT developers implement functional and legal updates and build our future web functionality
  • Training department : ensuring effective training of our junior payroll managers

Our payroll outsourcing team

    Adrien Couteaux

    Operations Manager

    Starting a few years back within the sales department, then in charge of customer relations and DSN, Adrien is now coordinating our entire team of payroll managers. He takes care of internal and external stakeholders and ensures the proper functioning of all payroll operations, respecting delays for client requests and the quality of delivered documents.


    Project Manager

    With a Master’s degree in “Business communication and strategy” from the University of Lorraine, Alexandra joined our team in 2013 as a payroll manager. She became a team leader in 2016, in charge of the efficient relationship management with the clients allocated to her team’s portfolio, as well as verifying the quality of the delivered documents.

    Andreea Rouayre

    Project Manager

    After finishing her Master’s degree in international law, Andreea joined our company in Bucharest in October 2015. She went through several projects, from implementation to social declarations, before joining our team in Vichy in 2017 as a payroll manager. She is now a team leader with an important client portfolio and junior payroll managers under her supervision.


    Sales Manager

    A very experienced sales representative in charge of our sales department, Audrey is also supervising our client relationship officers. As an expert of the payroll & HR outsourcing market, she analyses our current and potential clients’ needs in order to come up with personalized solutions, which best respond to their requirements.


    Project Manager

    Aurélie joined our payroll team in July 2015, after working as a payroll manager for a big French company. She became a team leader within our company in January 2017. With an overall payroll experience of more than 7 years, she is currently in charge of a large portfolio of client companies from different fields and her own team of payroll managers.

    Axenia Ochinciuc

    Project Manager

    With a solid accounting background and payroll management experience of several years, Axenic has a demonstrated history of working with different collective agreements. Detail-oriented, with a solid grasp of mathematics, she always strives for the best results.

    Barthélémy Bonnet

    Project Manager

    Part of our team since 2014, Barthélémy also comes from the accounting world. He is in charge of establishing payroll, social declarations and HR-related tasks for a wide variety of clients. He is also managing and training a team of 2 junior payroll managers at the moment.



    Cristian ensures the integrity of our IT environment and the development of our online payroll tools. His prerogatives extend from the internal IT help-desk, the technical review of our clients’ requirements, up to the development of new functionalities, modules and services.

    Daniela Simpetru

    Project Manager

    One of our most experienced colleagues, Daniela is with us since March 2009, having occupied several positions before becoming a team leader a few years ago. With her team, she is managing a vast pool of companies and ensuring the quality of delivered documents.

    Eugénie Delorme

    Project Manager

    Having joined our payroll team in October 2016, Eugénie is in charge of issuing pay slips and social declarations like the monthly DSNs for a pool of clients stemming from very different fields. She is also managing a team of payroll managers since February 2019.

  • Flavia Preoteasa

    CRM Specialist

    As a customer service manager for Rue de la Paye and FredPayroll since 2015, Flavia accompanies all of our clients throughout their entire payroll outsourcing process, from the sales stage to their payroll platform training, and responds to all of their questions regarding our payroll tools.

  • Florent

    CRM Manager

    Florent joined us in Vichy as a Customer Relations manager in January 2018. He has an MBA from IAE in Paris and 8 years management experience in B2B services. He is currently managing a team of several CRM specialists and assistants, providing day-to-day client support for the use of our payroll solutions.

  • Florina

    Implementation Manager

    Together with her team, Florina is in charge of welcoming and setting up every one of our clients. With an experience of more than 5 years in this implementation process of new clients, she is also one of our trainers. As a law graduate, she is always up to date with the continuously evolving labor legislation.

  • Ioana

    Training Manager

    Ioana joined our team in 2011 as a payroll manager. In 2015 she became a team leader, managing 4 payroll managers in Vichy. She recently took on the role of training manager, being in charge of drafting payroll quality procedures, identifying internal training needs and setting up advanced training sessions.

  • Izabela Sula-Gonzalez


    With Rue de la Paye for more than a decade, Izabela Sula-Gonzalez is the company’s CEO since 2014. Together with the entire team, she developed a collaborative solution in payroll & HR outsourcing, successfully used by more than 5000 accounting firms and companies in France and elsewhere.

  • Kelly

    Project Manager

    Kelly joined our Vichy team in October 2018 as a payroll manager. With more than 3 years of experience in payroll and HR management, she is also one of our youngest team leaders, managing her own team since September 2019.

  • Mickaël

    Project Manager

    Mickaël joined our Vichy team in as a payroll intern in 2014. He continued with us after obtaining his degree in 201 and became a team leader in 2017. He is now in charge of a team of 4 payroll managers. He developed an expertise in payroll management for very specific domains.

  • Silviana

    Project Manager

    Silviana joined our team in October 2017 as a payroll manager and became a team leader in March 2018. Together with her team, she is in charge of payroll, RH and social declarations management for companies from different fields. She is also one of our payroll trainers.

  • Vincent

    Project Manager

    Vincent is a payroll manager since 2001 and with our company since 2015. He became a team leader that same year, managing a team of 4 payroll managers. He is a payroll expert in several specific fields and participates actively in our innovative projects.

  • Xavier Théoleyre

    Marketing Manager

    Xavier is in charge of developing and promoting the entire arsenal of our payroll and HR services. He is chief editor of this website and of ruedelapaye.com. Xavier is also coordinating our company’s presence on social media and organizes company events and industry fairs participations.