Payroll Services

We are prepared to support your business through our applications software and outsourcing models in every aspect of your human resources deployment strategy and at every stage of your company’s development.

We ensure that you are up to date with all legislation changes and our specialist are able to advice you on many aspects of successful payroll management.

Our professional approach is build upon an international experience and engagement in fiscal environment in order to deliver an integrated payroll&HR solution so that our client may align his business objectives with the external resources.

Our outsourcing solution is not seen as a lift and shift approach, but as an extended service, a cohesive model improving the organic management and allowing to manage the risk associated with the third party relationship (provider)

Cost drives adoption but services drive satisfaction!


High quality- competitive differentiator

Fred Payroll provides a wide range of outsourcing personnel administration services. These services can be requested separately or combined with various software applications, so that you can benefit from a solution tailored to your actual needs.