Why outsourcing?


Looking to save time, resources and money? Outsourcing with us will allow you to gain control over processes, data and costs. Our team eliminates the payroll related burden and provides complete payroll processing services including: online submission, electronic tax filing, cost reporting.


Save your time

French payroll is Greek to you? Outsourcing save your time. You don’t need to learn all the subtleties of French labor law and its typical exceptions. Fred Payroll team is expert in it and will deliver to you perfect suitable payroll. You can stray focus on the development of your company.

Save your money

Payroll cost is not only the payroll manager wages divided by the number of pay slips produced. You have to take into account of the software solution costs, recruiting costs, potential backup costs, training costs, and possible financial penalties costs. When these amounts are added, outsourcing may save 20 to 30% of it. This is possible thanks to economies of scale made by the provider.

Using a provider streamlines the budget for payroll management. In addition to salary costs, the global cost replaces software investment, training and regulatory monitoring. Invoicing is based on the number of employees. It allows you to forecast the costs according to the growth of the company.

Outsourcing French payroll: so easy!

You don’t need to know all about the formalities to hire your first employee in France. We make it for you and guide you step by step. You don’t need any software or payroll skills. Our payroll interface is online and always up to date. You just have to declare the number of holydays and the bonuses and we make the rest. You accede to all that you need for HR and accounting from a secured Cloud. If you have any question about the payroll process, your dedicated payroll manager answer to you in English, Romanian or French.



  • Monthly payroll processing
  • Payroll calculation
  • Generating payroll, monthly statements and fiscal statements
  • Generating electronic files for the payment of salaries into card accounts
  • Generating accounting notes and interfacing with the customer’s accounting system
  • Generating files/bank payment orders for monthly payment of payroll taxes
  • Printing and distributing the pay slips by departments (or any other structure units) in a secured format.


  • Labor contract
  • Administrative affiliation to French insurance and retirement agencies
  • Daily payroll management
  • Hiring and firing process