Setting up your HR tools

Payroll outsourcing process with FredPayroll

Understandably, outsourcing your payroll can be a daunting endeavour. Payroll is a sensitive subject, dealing with highly confidential information. The advantages of payroll outsourcing convince nevertheless many companies to take this route. Here is a step-by-step description of how the transition process looks like if you choose to work with FredPayroll professionals.

Payroll outsourcing process: setting you up

Once you have decided to outsource your payroll with us, we need to work together for a good understanding of your payroll needs and translate these into an appropriate system setup.


Our payroll managers will first of all proceed to a status quo analysis (stages 1 and 2 in the above image), before configuring your specificities in the payroll software (stage 3). You will need to provide a series of company related documents (including employees data and their previous pay slips). These will be shared and processed in a secure, risk-free and confidential environment, allowing us to:

  • undergo an in-depth analysis of your previous payroll processing;
  • detect any deviations from your legal and contractual obligations;
  • determine all specific configurations that might be necessary in your case for a correct calculation of the salaries and related taxes;
  • set up your files and edit a payroll test.


Getting you started: first month of outsourced payroll

Once you are all set up, we will proceed to opening up your account on our payroll platform, as well as provide the necessary training for this tool. Intuitive, ergonomic and user-friendly, this platform will be your virtual payroll office where everything is available in one click. It is also the place where you can:

  • enter monthly payroll variables, knowing that your data is encrypted and there are secure communication protocols and daily backups in place;
  • download your processed pay slips and social declarations, as well as any other requested HR documents;
  • stay in touch with your designated payroll manager.



Recurring service: your monthly outsourced payroll

Monthly payroll outsourcing with FredPayroll

Each month, this process is repeated : you send us your payroll variables via the platform and our team carefully processes the information, delivering documents timely and accurately. Any payroll or RH related request is processed within 48 hours. All documents are securely stored on your personal space on our payroll platform. E-mail alerts are in place to inform you of their availability there.

The 48 hours delivery time frame also includes the input data verification and the contractual and legislative conformity controls by your payroll manager. As your dedicated contact, your payroll manager is always available by phone or e-mail during our business hours.

Beyond payroll processing, we can also help you with labour contracts for your employees in France, termination decisions, issue employee certificates or ensure the relationship with the labour and social security authorities.

Still not sure if our solution fits your needs? Feel free to contact us for any additional information and our experts will be glad to answer all your questions!